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Installment Loans up to $10,000

Get an installment loan for your financial emergency
When it comes to choosing a reliable brokering site to work with, you can always trust Mate-loans. We introduce people in need of money to the leading and most reputed private money lenders of the country. Apart from traditional payday loans, we also help our customers getting installment cash advance loans in a hassle free way. Neither huge paperwork, nor faxing any documents - all you need to fill up a simple online form in order to get the loan.

No hassle of credit checking
Installment loans are something that can be obtained without any credit check. And this is one of the reasons for its increasing popularity amongst people with less than perfect credit profile.

Interference of legislation
However, negative opinion can also be heard about such loans as the interests charged on them often differ from state to state. The rate a lender in Dallas charges differs from the interest rate charged by a lender from Washington DC. But there is really nothing to worry about. Legislation of the United States is constantly monitoring the annual percentage rate (APR) charged by different lending institutions from different states and has set limitation on how much a lender can charge as APR.

Comparatively less expensive
If you compare installment loans online with conventional loans, you will find the former ones less expensive. People often skip to calculate the APR charged by banks and other traditional lenders including credit card lenders and as a result, they often need to pay back a huge amount as interests, especially if they somehow miss to repay the amount within pre-decided time. And since it is so, then what's wrong with a payday lender? With a payday lender, you can definitely get needed cash in less time and less difficulty, and fulfill your financial emergencies without any further delay.

Reasons to choose us
Mate-loans can help you connect to the right lender at the right time so that you get the required money and use it for your urgent financial commitments. We won't check your credit profile. So irrespective of your credit history, you can comfortably work with us.

Our efficient team of financial advisors helps the customers understand their individual financial condition and how the owed money they should use to repay outstanding debts and also how to repay them without putting any stress on their personal and financial life. Also if you listen to their advice, you won't need to skip payment.

3 simple steps to follow
If you're taking a short term cash advance through our company, you need to follow just 3 easy steps. We don't want our customers to do huge paperwork, stand in queue or fax any document. Just apply and get the money in a hassle free manner to repay delinquent debts, repair bad FICO scores and poor financial reports.
  • Fill out the online form
  • Submit your loan application and wait for a couple of minutes
  • Get money directly deposited in your bank account
Eligibility criteria
In order to qualify to get a loan via us, you need to fulfill some basic criteria as the country's legislation has set up some rules and regulations that we must obey. As per the legislation, a borrower must be at least 18 years of age and a legal citizen of the USA. He or she should have a monthly income of 1000 USD or above and have been working with the same employer for at least six consecutive months. As per the rules set by legislation, the borrower must submit three documents in order to get installment loans online, and those are,
  • Income proof document
  • Age proof document
  • Residence proof document
Installment cash advance loans can be got effortlessly and can be paid off in easy installments. However, the usual loan repayment period is 6 months. For more information, please visit our contact us page.